5 Reasons Winter Weddings are Becoming a Trend!

Every couple wants their wedding to be memorable and unique. Choosing to celebrate your marriage in the months of December, January and February may be the perfect way to accomplish both of those goals. While an outdoor wedding may be beautiful, it also runs the risk of being affected by the weather. 

If you choose to take advantage of the security of an indoor wedding, then there is no reason not to plan it during the winter months. In fact, there are several really good reasons to have a winter wedding. 

Take Weather Out of the Equation

One of the benefits of indoor weddings, regardless of the season they are held in, is they make life easier for those planning the affair while still allowing for creative and unique weddings. Rachel Giles, Premier designer with Honey and Co, a boutique wedding planning firm that will plan, create and design your perfect wedding, has this to say about indoor weddings; “My client and I can design exactly what they dream of without the worry of having to reconfigure it all at the last minute due to the forecast. This beautiful candle installation would have been impossible to achieve in an outdoor setting and gives a touch of sophistication and romance to your wedding.”

Intimate and Romantic Imagery

BeatBox Portraits owner and photographer Trish Dove loves the intimacy that can be achieved only in an indoor wedding. She says, “The candle design set against the black doors pulls all the focus on the moment we have all been waiting for. It is easy for the couple to get lost in each other. The glow of the candle light on each other’s faces and hands during the giving of the rings is magical. I love to capture the emotion of this once in a lifetime moment.” 

A winter wedding, held indoors, allows the bride and groom and all of their guests to become part of an intimate experience. Also, a December wedding means that no one has to worry about high heat and humidity ruining their hair or makeup, even if you are in Texas. 

Off Peak Incentives and More Venue Access

As much as most of us would like it to be otherwise, financial considerations are usually a large part of wedding plan decisions. Planning a wedding in the winter months may allow you to have more of the features you want because many of the vendors and venues offer discounts during the offseason. 

Mamie Hudson, owner of The Lazy S Hacienda, a new luxury venue in Texas, says this about off-peak events, “We offer an incentive rate for weddings during December, January and February. We only take a certain number of events per month in order to preserve the facility and to give our clients the absolute best service. In the off-peak months our calendar is more open to welcome clients and their creative teams to come back out for additional site visits and planning.”

Mamie also wants her happy couples to know The Hacienda has four completely different indoor ceremony backdrop options: a contemporary fireplace, oversized black doors (pictured above), a wall of glass doors with the Love Oak centered in the background, and hand-carved bridal suite doors. We love to see how each couple makes the ceremony space reflect their unique style.

More Fashion and Beauty Choices 

According to a makeup artist Brandi Slaughter,  “Colder weather allows for bolder beauty choices, fun accessories, and fabric options”. Picture leather, fur, or denim jackets accessorized with your bridesmaids gowns.

Brides can choose to wear a sleeveless dress or she may choose to go with a long-sleeved gown made of heavier fabric or layered materials. Consider this elegant long-sleeved gown from WED Bridal Boutique. Pair this with your grandmother’s vintage jewelry, a family heirloom, or even a fur coat for a truly classic look.

Grooms aren’t left out of the fun when choosing their look for a winter wedding. Cooler weather allows for more layering and fabric options for the grooms and groomsmen.  Consider this young man in a Haspel Seer Sucker tuxedo complemented by the wool coat and scarf he will put on before leaving the venue a married man.

Refreshed Vendors and Guests

During peak wedding season, vendors are working several events each week but in off peak months, they have more time to rest and rejuvenate in order to bring their best to your wedding day. Guests are often attending multiple events during the peak season so in the winter months they are given more time to anticipate your special day.

*All photos in this article are credited to BeatBox Portraits.

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