Who Are We?

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Mamie Slaughter Hudson

Mamie grew up in Fort Worth and Weatherford and claims to love city and country life equally. With a degree in Public Relations, she worked for a boutique agency in Austin as well as the Neiman Marcus buying office in Dallas. 12 years after High School, she reconnected with Chance Hudson and they decided to raise their family in the country near family and friends. Being a direct descendant of Col. C.C. Slaughter, she feels the spirit and drive of entrepreneurship and the Lazy S Hacienda will be the third company she has created.


Chance Hudson

Chance Hudson married into the Slaughter family in 2008. He’s an Air Force Veteran having served over 10 years in the US Military. His love of aircraft-inspired him to complete his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and pursue a career with Lockheed Martin on the F35 program. He and Mamie strive to build up a successful and sustainable business to leave to their children and grandchildren here in Weatherford, TX, where both he and Mamie have deep family roots.


Turner Hudson

This is Turner Hudson. He was adopted from the Parker County Animal Shelter on November 20th 2019 when the family really needed cheering up. The volunteer told us he loves to play fetch and was on the RED list..... so we loaded him up and headed back to the LAZY S... the shelter thinks he has some pointer breed among many others and some day we will get a doggie DNA test and see about his heritage. He loves to welcome all that come to visit with a wagging tail.