At Lazy S Hacienda we care about the environment and aim to adhere to high sustainability standards in our building, facilities and our day to day operations.

Lazy S Hacienda is a Certified Green property designed and constructed by National Award-winning green building company, Ferrier Custom Homes of Fort Worth, TX. The construction used locally sourced and recycled materials wherever possible and supplemented them with low VOC (volatile organic compounds) products to minimize harmful off-gassing.

Our venue combines a variety of conservation methods and eco-friendly features, such as our custom made solar panel system that powers the entire property. We have installed high levels of insulation, water-conservation fixtures, energy-efficient HVAC systems, lighting and appliances as ways to lower our carbon footprint.

By offering everything you need in one location, from wedding ceremony to reception, photo settings, dining, and accommodation, you won’t need to travel to different locations. Not only does this make your event a more relaxed affair and easier to organize, but it also means fewer gas emissions for you and your guests.

Our aim at Lazy S Hacienda is to minimize our impact on the environment while maintaining maximum comfort for our guests.

Want to host an eco-friendly wedding or event?